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Best day to water a blog is the day after you plant it.

Old Welsh proverb...?

Now that I've planted this internet tree, I woke up this morning knowing just what the next steps are to keep it growing! Here's some more features/changes:

  • About page. Duh.

  • Pop in all the google slideshows I've developed under a Quest

  • Quests and Badges pages, rather than instrument pages

    • Examples

      • Quest - I Can Orchestra (Zero to Successful 2nd year Orchestra Student)

      • Badge - Open String Master

  • Really liking Dr. Selfridge's scrolling YouTube thumbnail strip, but finding that Wix can't do that, I realized a strip of my slideshows would be a good start!

Photo credits - Computer - Kari Shea, Watering - Jonathan Kemper, Editing - Mr. Jones


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