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Data point - 135 days - How to improve...

It's been 135 days since I added to my project, I want to do more, what's missing?

Progress stalled. For 135 days. Added to this project with initial gaps of 1-2 days. Then school took over. I want to do more, what's the stumbling block?

Time - pick a time. I've found myself able to wake up an hour or two earlier successfully and relatively joyfully for the first time in my life a handful of days in the last couple years. I used to be able to do passion projects in the evening and into the wee hours, I now have a hard time staying awake when I get home, so how bad do I want build my vision? Then get up and build it.

Vision - There's a pretty good vague cloud of an idea in my head and a lot of concrete things in lists. When I find the time, fear of the unknown and project creep creeps in. Sure I know a small thing to work on, but I'm afraid I can't get it done in less than hours and hours and hours of intense flow. Then I must not have the right small thing.

Rebuilding momentum (now and again in the future, maybe) means letting go of that fear by narrowing scope and expectations and having truly a 1 or 2 session achievable project. Then, of course, remembering publishing beats perfection.

I'm starting semester 2 with new groups and I have the opportunity to create videos for them to watch recapping what we did in each class session. Can I make a 30 second video recapping? Can I publish a blog post with mine and other people's resources that extend and deepen the class and the video?



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