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Essential Elements Grand Tour

Throughout the development of the gamification, self-assessment, and engagement aspects of my ideas for Team Orchestra has been a constant undercurrent of creating a "Boss" or certification checkoff of critical and wide-ranging numbers from our method book that would help students get "Sheet Music Ready".

I started with Part 1, which contains almost all "familiar" songs that students could potentially learn by ear or rote, many songs that our students learn in our 5th Grade Universal Strings program, a fairly easy confidence booster that leads then into Part 2, with most of the original songs written by the authors that students have to "decode" to learn.

If students can perform these 20 songs, they're probably ready to read easy and beginning sheet music pieces (with fingerings at first), which we find to be the most engaging and retention-focused activities for our students. Using Part 1 with my 6th grade students last year, I found it hard to keep up with their demands to assess their playing and students were very engaged.

Here are PDF's of the checkoff sheets:

EE 1 Grand Tour - Part 1 - Card
Download PDF • 112KB

EE 1 Grand Tour - Part 2 - Card
Download PDF • 115KB


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