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Next steps.

One of my long-time YouTube favorites, Adam Savage, whose work, strategizing, and philosophizing has been my companion for a decade (plus!) now in the kitchen, workshop, or as I drift off to sleep. As he follows his path and looks backward at us, offering encouraging advice and leaving breadcrumbs, I find myself gifted with both poignant and specific take-aways and surprising, generalized big picture mental health and productivity improvements, despite not knowing just how they came about, but knowing one of the likely sources of motion. How much is due to his influence, who knows...but specifically today, as I watch him machine a lightsaber grip from raw aluminum on his birthday, his words rang true again, as somehow both a specific course of action and a balm for a hesitant soul - "...I have a plan, but I also, even at any given point in that plan, I don't know how much of that plan I am implementing, so I always implement the next most obvious thing."

So, here's my next steps, as if anyone is listening. But, maybe they're breadcrumbs for somebody? Doubt it. This is just for me. Good job, David. I believe in you. The worst that will happen is things will be different than you imagined and you'll adapt. What's the next most obvious thing? That helps. I have a list of things. I can pick the next most obvious thing.

Fmaj7 and Emin7 vamp. Works out for all open strings, more or less. A is in both chords, D is a 6th and a 7th, G is a 9th and a 3rd, C is a 5th and a 6th, E is the 7th and the root. I mean D on the Fmaj7 and A on the Emin7, not so super cool, but students' ears don't really perceive that as much as I do. So even though it's not in its final form...[!]... Wait, Adam literally just spoke aloud the next lines of advice and hence, this blog post... "I know, I know. I know it's not quite looking like a lot right now but it will." Here is a track for open string echo plucking!

(Ok, I lied. I spent another 20 minutes fixing two random bass notes in the track and creating an image for the video. Both of which I'm extremely satisfied with. But still not the full version, so...tendency to chase perfection in lieu of publishing put in check, kinda?) The quality of the image is fuzzy, but I'm not going to take time to fix it. I'm ok with that. Not really, but whatever. Next thing.


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